Why Use Us?
Don't be afraid to ask to see our certificates - they demonstrate our employees are qualified experienced professionals, specializing in the management of trees and knowledgeable in a variety of techniques relevant to the needs of individual tree species.
All our employees are N.P.T.C certified.
Within the land based sector, the N.P.T.C is the largest certifying body assessing competence and professionalism in tree works.
We comply with all Health & Safety Regulations.
Tree work can be extremely dangerous work and we are equipped and trained to carry out these techniques safely and efficiently. 
We are appropriately insured to work on your property.
It is your responsibility to ensure the contractor you hire is competent and has adequate insurance; including both Public and Employer Liability cover. You may be held liable if an accident causing injury or damage occurs and they are not insured!
We have the following cover:
Public & Product Liability: 5,000,000
 Employer Liabilty: 10,000,000

Don't be afraid to ask to see our insurance certificate
We are council approved.
If requested, references can be supplied from; Essex County Council, Chelmsford Borough Council and Babergh District Council.
We work to BS 3998:2010 British Standards.
These standards ensure the correct techniques and working practices are used to properly maintain or improve the appearance, safety and health of trees. 
We comply with the law regarding Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas.
These standards ensure the correct techniques and working practices are used to properly maintain or improve the appearance, safety and health of trees. 
We will visit your property and provide a free written no obligation quote which is valid for 28 days.
We will only carry out the works quoted for.
Any extra work required will only be carried out with prior agreement between both us and you. 
We are proud of our reputation.
We are a professional company offering a quality reliable service and we are constantly striving to work hard to maintain it.
Deciding what tree surgeon to hire should be given careful consideration; when accepting a quote, don't always simply choose the lowest price, also consider the skill, service and professionalism being offered.

Remember - a tree is a living organism; improper tree care can be extremely detrimental to the tree. It takes years for a tree to develop and grow, but it only takes minutes of poor substandard tree work to severely damage or even kill it!
If you have any queries, please ask; we are happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Logs For Sale
We have dry quality seasoned logs for sale, all generated from our tree surgery operations.
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