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Spring is here, so if you’re looking forward to months of extra daylight, barbecues and making the most of the great outdoors, it’s a good idea to start preparing your garden at the earliest opportunity. Chances are your garden isn’t currently in the best condition following the long, harsh winter, but by taking action now you can start laying down the foundations to create magical spring and summer memories.

Getting your garden summer ready is a task that many put off for as long as possible, but we have put together a few of our favourite and simple tips to help you breeze through the process:

  1. Start clearing debris

Your garden is likely to have amassed a great deal of debris during the cold, dark and wet winter months. Your lawn and garden beds are likely to be filled with all manner of leaves, branches and other items, but by clearing them now you can make way for new spring bulbs and plants. It’s also advisable to get rid of dead and broken branches from trees, and get help with shaping and pruning it if needed.

  1. Clean your garden tools

You need to ensure your tools are ready for use, so clean them with soap and water. Mineral spirits can stop any wood from splintering. Once you they are cleaned, it will be much easier to use them. Check your tool kit to see if there is anything missing, or whether you need to buy replacements. You may be able to remove rust with wire brushes or steel wool.

  1. Maintain your soil

Your soil needs to be ready for planting, so turn it over and clear out those unwanted weeds. Compost and manure can provide the soil with nutrients, but you will need to wait a few weeks after you’ve added it before you plant anything to give it time to mix with the soil efficiently and help you get the desired results. Maintenance shouldn’t end there, and it’s wise to deadhead throughout the summer.

  1. Tree maintenance

It’s vital that we don’t forget about the importance of tree maintenance when it comes to preparing your garden for summer. The appearance of a tree is not the only reason someone may be in need of tree maintenance – privacy and light are also top of the list. There is nothing better than heading out into your garden to soak up the sun after a harsh winter but if you have a tree obstructing the light for 5 hours of the day then it isn’t quite so fun! A trusted and qualified tree surgeon will maintain your trees to enable maximum light whilst keeping your privacy.

At Masons Tree Surgery, we offer a wide range of services to help you get your garden trees ready for spring and summer, including crown reduction, thinning, cleaning as well as stump grinding and removal. To find out more and or for advice on how you can make the most out of your garden this summer then call 01206 512492, 07740 872900 (phone or text) or e-mail adam@masonstreesurgery.co.uk.

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