The importance of waiting for your chosen tree surgeon

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So, you’ve decided to have work carried out on your trees or hedges. You’ve spent hours scrolling through google and social media to find a reputable local tree surgery company and have finally found one that looks right for you. So, what happens when you call to enquire or get that all important quote and find out you have to wait for the work to be carried out? Do you put the work on hold and wait for that perfect company? Or do you give up and try someone else? What is the best decision to make?

Why is there a wait for the company?

More often than not the company you are waiting for is extremely busy. This is usually because they have a great reputation and are known for their excellent standard of work. You may be able to find an arborist who is free the next day or the following week, to carry out the work, but why is that? Are they qualified? Do they have the correct public liability insurance and is their work to a high standard?
Masons Tree Surgery pride themselves on the reputation they have built over the last 18 years.

This is reflected in the glowing reviews they receive from clients –

‘Your guys did a fabulous job today. Punctual, polite, efficient and incredibly knowledgeable… Not to mention tree monkeys! Worth every penny. Thank you so much to you and your team. See you in November for the fruit trees and log delivery.’

Not only do Masons have an impressive collection of testimonials, they have the skills and qualifications to back them up. Masons Tree Surgery have;

  • £10 million Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional training
  • Vast range of NPTC qualifications
  • Experienced staff
  • Full up to date PPE
  • Theory based knowledge and qualifications
  • Adhere to current regulations and industry legislation

Why do some companies with good reputations still have quicker wait times?

It may be that you have found an alternative company to carry out your work who appear to be reputable but have much shorter wait times. Why is this? A possible answer to this is that the company in question sub-contract their work out.

Sub-contracting is common in trades and it is when a company that have an overwhelming amount of work may outsource some jobs to other companies. You may think you’re getting the company you have chosen, but you are actually having the work carried out by a completely different tree surgery company. This may work out fine, however there is a risk that the work is not going to be up to the standard you were expecting and the sub-contractors may not be qualified and have the correct safety protocols in place. Masons Tree Surgery will never sub-contract a job out to another company, meaning you will always receive a consistent standard of work by the Masons team themselves.

So why don’t companies just employ more staff to get the work done quicker? Unfortunately, there is a large skills shortage within the industry and this is why Masons Tree Surgery take their time to find and seek out the best people with the right attitude and correct skill set, as we are committed to providing you with an exceptional service both before, during and after the job has been carried out.

Whilst it is always the company’s aim to grow and take on more staff and ultimately more work, Masons choose to do this in a slow, controlled manner. When a company take their time in selecting their staff, you can be sure that they are choosing well qualified individuals who have the same attitude to work as the rest of the company. This will result in a fantastic team who will give your trees and hedges the care and expertise they require.

What am I risking by choosing the company with quicker wait times?

If you decide to opt for the local tree surgery company who has a very open diary, you may be putting your trees, hedges and property at risk. Masons Tree Surgery are no strangers to being called in to rectify the mistakes made by a cheaper, less qualified companies claiming to be experienced arborists. As previously discussed, the easy option may not always be the wisest choice and the company may not have the correct; qualifications, insurances, safety protocols and skills in place. Therefore, resulting in a big bill for you and damage to your beloved trees and hedges.

If you are looking for a tree surgeon in the Essex and Suffolk area, contact Masons Tree Surgery today to discuss your needs.

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