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Logs  (inc VAT @ 5% for end users only)

(inc VAT @ 5% for end users only)
Logs and firewood for sale in Colchester from MASONS TREE SURGERY Ltd

Let us help you keep warm this winter by supplying you with quality seasoned logs for your fire, stove, log burner and chiminea, delivered direct to your door.

All our logs are generated from our tree surgery, woodland management and forestry operations.

A lot of time and specialist equipment is used to process the timber into logs suitable for burning, ensuring it is dry and fully seasoned with a low moisture content (<20%).

We guarantee to deliver dry quality seasoned logs and offer a range of different types and quantities to meet your requirements and budget.

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Small Load 1m3

Budget Logs (willow, poplar sweet chestnut) – £100

Softwood Logs – £110

Mixed Logs 50:50 (softwood/hardwood) –£125

Premier Logs (hardwood) – £140

Ultimate Premier Logs (80% Ash and more uniformed in size) £165

Large Load 2m3

Budget Logs (willow, poplar sweet chestnut) – £200

Softwood Logs – £220

Mixed Logs 50:50 (softwood/hardwood) –£250

Premier Logs (hardwood) – £280

Ultimate Premier Logs (80% Ash and more uniformed in size) £330

Extra Large Load 3m3 (Half a cube free)

Budget Logs (willow, poplar sweet chestnut) – £250

Softwood Logs – £275

Mixed Logs 50:50 (softwood/hardwood) –£312.50

Premier Logs (hardwood) – £350

Ultimate Premier Logs (80% Ash and more uniformed in size) £412.50

Nets 52x85cm

Softwood Logs – £8.00 each

Premier Logs (hardwood) – £9.00 each

Min orders 10 nets

Wood shard nets - 52cmx85cm

£6.90 p a net

Off cuts from our log processing, great natural alternative to our processed kindling

Min order of 10 nets

No min if with log order

Kindling Nets - 50cm X 40cm

£6.90 Per Bag
Minimum order 10 nets

No minimum order required if ordered as part of a log delivery

Wood off cuts nets 45cm x 72cm

Wood Off Cuts nets – 45cm x 72cm. £7.50 each

Min order of 10 nets no min if with log order

It is not recommended to buy logs and firewood by weight because they all contain a variable amount of water. We only sell nets or logs by volume as a ‘loose’ load in cubic meters.

We deliver free to all CO postcodes & some CM & IP we can deliver further afield but additional costs may apply.


Why do you sell by the cubic meter (m3)

This is the correct way to sell logs as it’s the most accurate , fairest & most consistent way you shouldn’t buy by weight or by loose terms like “truck/trailer load”.

What’s do the load sizes look like?

Small load (1m3) – filled up to the green line & 1/2 the length.
Large load (2m3)- filled up to the green line & the entire length.
Extra large load (3m3) – filled up to the yellow line the entire length.

How big are the logs?

Majority of our logs are all 8-12”, with the average be 10″ we supply many people who have small log burners & grates.

Do the logs all look the same?

No, it’s difficult to achieve this they may be in small round lengths or may be split sections & usually a combination of both, but don’t worry the quantity is the same & they all burn well. Again out ultimate premier range is the most uniformed/consistent in size

How do we deliver?

Our loads are tipped off loose (we don’t deliver in large bags/sacks) & so we require somewhere suitable to safety tip off onto suck as a driveway (please note we are unable to tip onto the highway) we deliver in 3.5T transit tippers please advise if you are concerned about restricted access for our vehicles. Our net deliveries are delivered by hand from the same size vehicles & sometimes by a smaller van & we can put them where required within reason.

Do we stack?

No unfortunately not as it wouldn’t be financially viable for us & also we wouldn’t want to take the fun away from yourselves!

How long before I get my delivery?

We try to be as quick as possible however at busy times it may be up to 2 weeks so please order in advance.

What if I don’t have space for even a small load or/& anywhere for them to be off loaded?

Why not try our nets, these are ideal for this situation & we only ask of a minimum order of 10nets for us to deliver.

Do I need kindling?

Possibly not but why wouldn’t you as our quality kindling makes starting your fire so much easier & remember there’s no minimum order if accompanied with your Log order.

How many Kindling nets do I need?

We would recommend 1-3 nets with our small load (1m3).
3-6 nets with our large load (2m3)
6-9 nets with our extra large load (3m3)
1-2 nets with a 10 net log order.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

No, we happily tip off unattended (access required)

Can we give a time for delivery?

Unfortunately not as it would be impossible to guarantee time slots.

What happens if it’s raining on the day of delivery?

We still deliver in the rain & don’t worry to much they will only get slightly wet on the outside they will still be nice & dry in the middle & will soon dry out ready for burning.

What size load do I need?

Unfortunately we can’t really answer this as there’s so many variables however if your unsure why not start with our small load (1m3) & go from there.

What types best?

Ok, this isn’t a simple question as everyones burning requirements, opinions & budget are different however we feel our range caters for all, please find info below:

Budget (mainly willow May contain some poplar & sweet chestnut) great on price but these are the lowest grade as poplar can smoulder, burn poorly & gives off very little heat, sweet chestnut is very likely to spit & willow which burns quick & again spits! Now I know we haven’t made these sound great but there’s a reason we call them budget & we like to be honest although we do sell many loads every year with many repeat clients so they are definitely worth a try!

Softwood burns quicker than hardwood & can spit. Also some people don’t like the risk of possible resin build up. On the plus side these burn great & are easier to start fire with, are a great price & we always usually have plenty available.

Mixed (50:50) best of both worlds with the easy starting with the softwood & then the option of the hardwood for a slower burn once the heat is in place.

Hardwood (premier) mixed hardwoods these are by far our most popular range, great wood with slow burn & giving out good heat.

Ultimate premier hardwood(80% Ash) clunkier more uniformed in size & awesome logs. Slow burn & great heat output.

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