Making the most of the trees in your garden

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If you are lucky enough to have outside space that includes trees and hedges, it is important to give them as much care and attention as any other part of your garden. Left alone without any management, they can become out of control and can infringe on your garden space and often restrict light into your garden. Over the coming months we will be bringing you advice on techniques to truly ‘let the sun shine into your garden’

First up we are going to be discussing the benefits of ‘crown thinning’ your trees. The main aim of crown thinning is to allow optimum light through the crown of the tree, without changing the overall shape.  This technique is mainly used on hardwood trees such as oak and beech. Diseased wood as well as crossing or rubbing branches are removed to make way for light and air movement. The tree is also pruned to reduce density whilst keeping its natural shape.

If appropriate, it is important to prune your trees at the correct time of year according to the variety to avoid damage to the tree e.g. opening them up to pests and disease. It is also crucial that before carrying any tree work out, you investigate any Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) which may be in place. It is illegal to carry out work on trees with a TPO without written consent from the local authority. Another area to look out for is trees that lie in conservation areas – for these trees that aren’t protected by TPOs, but do lie within a conservation area, you are required to give six weeks notice to your local authority before carrying any works out. If you are thinking of crown thinning your trees, it is wise to seek help from a qualified arborist (tree surgeon) who can give you the best advice possible regarding any legalities and will provide you with a professional, safe service.

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