Extra Considerations When Obtaining a Quotation By Your Tree Surgeon

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When looking for a quote from a local tree surgeon you may have in your mind a quick and easy job that involves a few people coming in and taking your tree down or cutting your hedge and this frequently is the case however, often this couldn’t be further from the truth. Arborists should be extremely well trained, knowledgeable individuals who will think about every tiny detail for the job required.

Underground Services

Underground services sometimes need to be considered when removing a tree, especially if a tree is to be ‘clear felled’. This is to ensure that the tree branches don’t penetrate the ground when they fall and that the surface is not struck too hard. There are often pipes, cables and drains lying underground that you may be unaware of. Masons Tree Surgery are equipped to survey the area for any of these hazards before carrying out your tree services and stump grinding to ensure that no damage is caused.

Overhead Services

Overhead services need to be taken into consideration such as phone lines and electrical cables. Great care needs to be taken and safe distances observed at all times. Masons Tree Surgery will survey the area before giving you a quote and this will include looking out for hazards such as overhead services.

If there are cables and phone lines in place and safe distance cannot be arranged, power shut downs will need to be organised with the utility provider. Masons Tree Surgery are very experienced in liaising with these companies to ensure that the works can be carried out in the smoothest and safest way possible. This saves you any stress and worry and is all part of the service at Masons.

Tree Preservations Orders & Conservation Areas

A tree preservation order is a legal order put in place to protect a certain tree or trees. It doesn’t mean that work cannot be carried out on these kinds of trees, however written permission will need to be sought from the local authority.

Your trees may also be part of a Conservation area which is an area of natural beauty or historic interest. Tree work carried out in these areas also requires permission from the local authority and the works may be subject to certain conditions.

Any Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) or Conservation areas will be dealt with by Masons Tree Surgery. If any applications or notifications are required, Masons will deal with this for you on your behalf, all as part of the service provided to relieve you from any stress this may cause.

Highway Working

It is common for Tree Surgeons to be required to work on or in close proximity to the highway. This is not only on large commercial sites but also on smaller domestic jobs. This can be due to the vehicle and wood chipper set up being on the highway whilst works are being carried out. It is essential that this is carefully planned and the appropriate safety measures are applied. This includes;

  • Correct road sign layout
  • High visibility clothing worn by team members
  • Competent and well-trained staff in working on the highway and procedures required
  • Appropriate £10 million public liability insurance – required for any works on or adjacent to the highway
  • Traffic lights
  • Stop/go boards
  • Road closures

Masons tree surgery regularly carry out these measures and work closely with a traffic management company. Masons will ensure that these works are carried out safely, correctly and that all necessary permits are obtained by Highways.

If you have any queries about any extra measures that may be needed for your tree work, do not hesitate to get in touch with Masons Tree Surgery for an informal chat about your needs.

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