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stump grinding

When you have a tree removed from your outside space you are often left with a large stump in the ground. This can be unsightly and also a hazard in your garden, as well as possibly causing future issues including; honey fungus and other root diseases. ‘Suckering’ can also occur in left over tree stumps. This is when new shoots begin to grow from the remaining stump, which is counter-productive to the removal of the tree. In this piece we will be discussing the removal of these stumps by ‘stump grinding’.

What is stump grinding?

Grinding the Stump is the final stage of removing a tree and is different to stump removal. Stump grinding is a more manageable method of taking away the remaining tree stump, as it is less invasive than stump removal. Stump removal involves removing the tree stump as well as the largest roots of the tree which are nearest to the stump. These remaining roots can sometimes be spread out across the garden, therefore removing these can damage lawns and other parts of your outside space.

Stump grinding is performed using a ‘stump grinder’. This machine has a large cutter wheel with numerous teeth. The machine is placed on top of the stump and is gradually lowered down until the stump has been completely ground out. By grinding the stump completely, the roots are therefore severed and are then left to naturally decompose.

Reasons to remove a stump from your garden:

As previously mentioned, a stump may be removed due to it being unsightly or causing a hazard, however there are several other reasons to remove a tree stump from your grounds;

  • Replant the area
  • Lay a new lawn
  • Make way for a new building
  • Allow for a new fence to be erected

Health & Safety and stump grinding:

Stump grinding involves using specialist equipment which if not used correctly can cause injury and damage to surrounding areas/ property. This is why it is essential to have this work carried out by a qualified tree surgeon. Masons Tree Surgery are completely qualified and equipped to carry out stump grinding to the highest standard.

Points to consider when preparing for stump grinding:

  • Make sure the area is checked and clear of any debris that could be propelled with the stump grinder.
  • Ensure the area is checked for any utility pipes etc.
  • Use grinding guards/screens to make the site safe
  • All personnel to wear correct PPE
  • Machinery serviced and in good working order
  • Qualified, experienced tree surgeon to carry out the work
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