The Value of a Professional Tree Surgery Company

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If you are thinking of having tree work carried out at your property, you may be tempted to go with the cheapest quote you receive to save a few pennies. There are so many companies out there that claim to provide tree cutting services and hedge trimming, so how do you know who is the best for the job?

Firstly, think about your trees and hedges like any other part of your home. You wouldn’t employ an electrician to fix your boiler, so why are you looking at that guy from the pub to take care of your trees, when there are many reputable arborists in your area? The crucial thing to look into is what is the real value in a tree surgeon compared to others who offer similar services?

Professional Service

When you choose a reputable tree surgery company like Masons, you are receiving a professional service that is tried and tested by many customers. You only have to look at Masons social media accounts to see countless reviews and testimonials which reflect their excellent service.

Arborists that are employed by Masons are put through a rigorous selection process in order to gain that spot on the team. This is because the company really care about the industry and the service they are providing. When someone has gone through years of training, it isn’t just because they fancied chopping down a few trees, it’s because they love what they do and are achieving their goals and aspirations. So, when you choose a company like Masons you are safe in the knowledge that you have committed individuals working who are; friendly, respectful and highly skilled – which is reflected in the recommendations and reviews available to read.

Respectful Service

When you choose someone to work at your property, you may be worried that they will complete the job but leave the place looking a bit worse for wear. You may also be concerned that they will cause damage or not treat your property with respect.

Masons Tree Surgery pride themselves on treating any property or commercial site as they would their own home. When your team of arborists have vacated the property, it should be like nobody was there to begin with. The last thing you want to be doing when you have paid for a professional service, is clearing up a huge mess. Your quote from Masons will always include tidying up and disposing of waste, unless you have instructed them to leave any arisings for your own use.

When it comes to accidents there will always be an element of risk when it comes to having work carried out. This is where choosing a professional, reputable company is crucial. If you decide to employ a ‘Jack of all trades’ to carry out your tree and hedge work, you are risking damage being caused by somebody who not only doesn’t have the correct training, but also may not be insured for any damages caused.

Masons Tree Surgery are equipped with the following to protect you and your property when carrying out any work;

  • Public liability insurance
  • Employers liability insurance
  • Risk assessments
  • Training and qualifications
  • PPE
  • Safety equipment

The Whole Package

You may have had work carried out by companies in the past where they focus entirely on the task you have asked them to do and don’t always see the bigger picture. They may also only be prepared to do things their way and not take your opinions and preferences into account.

Masons are committed on providing you with a holistic service which not only looks at the trees and hedges you have enlisted them to work on, but also how this work will affect the rest of your outside space as a whole. They will assess the area and listen to your wants and needs before coming up with a plan on how to tackle the task in hand. By combining ideas from different perspectives, you will almost certainly get the outcome you desire for your garden, if not something even better.

When Adam attends your initial meeting you may have ideas in mind to reduce trees or hedges drastically, however by consulting with Adam he will offer you honest advice which may be slightly different to your thoughts but will benefit the tree/ hedge in the long run and at the same time provide you with better aesthetics for your outside space.

As part of your quote from Masons you will receive a service which doesn’t just end when the job is complete. The company are there for you afterwards to provide aftercare, advice and maintenance – something you wouldn’t always receive from other local tree services.

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