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In this article we’re looking at the cost of tree surgery and what to ask your tree surgeon about his or her quote before agreeing to the work.

Tree surgery comes in many different shapes and forms. From completely removing mature trees that have become dangerous to coppicing or pollarding trees as part of a woodland management program. The tree surgeon’s work is very much bespoke which means that costs vary from job to job.

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Getting a quote for tree surgery

In most cases it’s not possible to quote for tree work without a site visit. Your tree surgeon’s costs depend on lots of different factors and with such large “patients” there are a wide range of considerations.

  • Species and size of the tree
  • Site access
  • Legal restrictions such as tree preservation orders, felling licences, planning conditions or conservation areas
  • Any hazards to be avoided and/or protected in the immediate area (eg public highways, garden structures, neighbouring properties, electricity wires)
  • The general health of the tree
  • Time of year
  • Removal of timber, leaves etc

Each one of these factors will affect the type of machinery we need to use, the number of people needed to do the job safely and the way we approach the job. In turn, these impact upon our costs.

Felling a large tree

Tree felling is not simply a case of zipping through the trunk with a chainsaw and shouting “timber!” There’s a real skill in ensuring that no people or property are damaged as the tree topples. The larger the tree, the higher the risk. Particularly if you are felling a garden tree or working close to buildings, roads or railways.

That’s why, your tree surgeon will take careful measurements before quoting or starting work. It’s normal to fell a large tree in sections and lower each piece to the ground in a controlled manner. Not only is this safer for anyone on the ground – it makes it easier to tidy up afterwards.

Your tree surgeon may be able to climb the tree and work from a harness. However if the tree is unstable, a mechanical platform will be the safer option. Our work methods and the machinery we use is strongly influenced by site access. Cherry pickers are fabulous – but not much use if they won’t fit through a narrow gate!

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Large conifers set a challenge – it’s difficult to access the trunk until most of the lateral branches have been removed. A fairly simple job, but nonetheless it’s time consuming.

Some customers need us to remover the tree stump too. Mason’s Tree Surgery have special stump grinding equipment that can be used to completely remove the remainder of the tree.

Disposing of leaves, branches, trunks and roots involves transporting heavy and bulky materials away. That potentially means hiring a skip or a truck and manhandling the felled tree into it. Fortunately, the team here at Masons Tree Surgery are well practiced in moving timber.

Pruning and pollarding

Pruning a tree to let in more light or to remove dead or diseased material is a skilled job. Not only must the tree surgeon consider the way the tree will look after surgery, it’s important to stay safe whilst working. AND to keep other people and their property safe too.

There is also a duty of care to not spread tree diseases or have any negative impact on wildlife.

The team at Mason’s Tree Surgery have a wide skills set and an impeccable safety record. We are also fully insured and make sure that all of our arborists are fully trained and come complete with full PPE.

Meet the Team

How to get a price for tree surgery

In the first instance, contact Adam at Masons Tree Surgery for any tree work in the East Anglia region. We work mainly in Essex and Suffolk but may be able to consider large projects further afield.

After an informal chat, Adam will visit your site to give you a firm quote.

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